Below is a list of documents that could previously be found on the Publications page but have now become outdated:

Safeguarding adults procedure 2016

Land for Sale – Four Sites

Charter Plane to Bring Home St Helena Passengers QandA – 2 May 2017

Important Announcement Regarding Travel to and from Ascension Island

RMS Voyage 256 Q and A – Updated 25 April 2017

St Helena Airport – 24 March 2017

St Helena Air Service – Information Memorandum & Request for Proposal Document

Excel Form for Air Service Tender (1)

Excel Form for Air Service Tender (2)

Excel Form for Air Service Tender (3)

RMS Voyage 255 Cancelled Q and A – 10 March 2017

St Helena Red Cross Meetings

TRANSCRIPT – St Helena Water Press Conference, 13 February 2017

UKOTP Activities Flyer


URA Report on Connect 2015-16

St Helena Water Shortage 2016 Q & A 22 November 2016

St Helena Government Energy Strategy Final – October 2016

Mentoring Session For 6 Formers

Final Land Disposal Policy February 2016

Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) 2014-17

Wass Recommendations Update 3 March 2016

WASS REPORT – Recommendations and Action Plan, 22 January 2016

Media Review Terms of Reference – Jan 2016

Utilities Regulatory Authority Report on USP 2014-15 

End of year report 2014-15

2012/13 Statistical Yearbook 

Annex A – ExCo Memo 7-15 – Legislative Council (Remuneration and Allowances)(Amendment) Bill 

Utilities Regulatory Authority Report on Tariff Rates 2015-16

Analysis of Income from Employment 2011 to 2014

ToRs – Consultancy to Develop Import Health Standards on St Helena

Report on the Quality of Services Provided by Connect Saint Helena Limited, 2013/14

Cover Letter & Conference Summary Statement to CPA ExCo, etc

JMC 2013 – Progress Report Oct 2014

St Helena Bus Services

Request For Proposals Renewable Energy 180717

Renewable Energy Appendix A

Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability PEFA Final Report SHG

Formal SHG Response to Recommendations in Maritime Sector Review – April 2014

Housing Matters May newsletter

St Helena Media Commission 2014

Tariff Rates 2014-15 URA

Labour Market Strategy

Labour Market Situational Analysis

DAPM – Final Aide Memoire 2014-2015

Collection Propagation and Distribution Policy

Collection Propagation and distribution policy background

Darkdale Report

RFA Darkdale Survey Exec Summary

Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council

St Helena Social Welfare Review, April 2013

Child Protection on St Helena and Ascension Island: summary report by the Lucy Faithful Foundation

Sustainable Development Plan 2012/13 -2014/15

Land Disposal Policy 2012

National Strategy for Development of Statistics 2012

MoA of 10th April 2012 between SHG and SHELCO

2010 MoU between SHG and DfID

IBE St Helena Employee Views on Ethics at Work Survey

ETHICS – SHG Summary

Letter from Governor Lisa Phillips to Lawson Henry – Follow up to Adjournment Debate December 2016

Councillor Lawson Henry Adjournment Debate

CS Response to Hon L Henry LegCo Adjournment Debate on 13 Dec 2016

Hon L Henry Response to CS letter of 11 Jan 17

Airport Board Terms of Reference 2013