Tenants of Cape Villa have been temporarily moved to the Community Care Complex (CCC) from today, Thursday 17 May 2018.

This temporary move is to enable the Environmental Health Department to undertake necessary work to treat an infestation of cockroaches at Cape Villa in a planned way.  Upon completion of the necessary work required, tenants will be allowed to return home.

Managers and staff are working with tenants and their families/representatives to ensure a safe and smooth transition with the aim of tenants staying at the CCC for the shortest period possible.

In the interim, persons with any questions or queries about the temporary move should contact Wendy Henry at the CCC on tel: 23090.

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17 May 2018


With St Helena’s Day just around the corner, the St Helena Police would like to remind the public to keep their personal belongings safe and secure, especially when in busy open areas and when attending events.

Head of Investigations, DCI Michael Luke, said:

“It is important that the public remain vigilant and look after their personal effects to deter opportunistic crimes. The Police Directorate have recently dealt with two young boys for the theft of cash from a member of the public who was using the swimming pool.

“These crimes can be prevented if the opportunity to take the money is removed by keeping personal effects in secure places and out of view.

“The public should be able to go about their business without the fear of crime, but unfortunately there are rare occasions when incidents such as this will occur.

“If you would like some Crime Prevention advice, please contact the Police Directorate on telephone: 22626.”

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17 May 2018

International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May every year. It is used to recognise the work and contribution of Nurses all over the world. This year, we thought we would take a moment to introduce you to some of our current nursing staff to gain an understanding of what St Helena Nurses do. Nursing on St Helena is one of the most challenging roles, as the staff all have to be multiskilled and be prepared to deal with whatever comes their way. Nursing has been evolving and changing over the last few years, with Nurses expected to know more than ever before. Our Nurses are rising to that challenge.

Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman is the Community Staff & Child Health Nurse at the General Hospital.

Sarah began her career as a youth trainee in January 2006. Eight months later, she enrolled in the Student Nurse Programme which lasted three years. She qualified in 2009 and started working in the General Hospital before transferring to Community Nursing in 2010.  Sarah took on her new role of Child Health Nurse in 2017.

During Sarah’s career with the Health Directorate, she has undergone general Island training and courses. Recently, Sarah began an eighteen-month online degree, training with the University of Derby. Once Sarah has completed this course, she will have an internationally recognised degree, and will have gained more knowledge as well as an up-to-date understanding of how to keep her practice current and evidence based. Sarah chose the online route as training overseas would be difficult due to family commitments.

In addition to the role of Community Nurse, Sarah has also taken on-board the role of Child Health Nurse. This means Sarah is in a key position to detect any early issues, and to ensure that children and families get all the support they need early to improve child outcomes, before they are handed over to the School Nurse to be monitored until they leave school.

Sarah commented:

“Although Nursing was not my first choice of career, I have grown to love Nursing over the past 12 years and there are many things I enjoy about being a Nurse. The work I do, even the unpleasant parts like giving babies injections, the team I work with in Community Nursing, and the appreciation and gratitude I get from the patients when they are happy with my care.”

Sue-Ellen Henry

Sue-Ellen Henry is a Staff Nurse within the General Hospital.

Sue-Ellen became a qualified Nurse back in 2012, and is currently undertaking an eighteen-month Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing Studies which will be completed in December of this year.  She is also training as an Anaesthetic Nurse and working towards becoming the Hospital Diabetic Nurse.

Sue-Ellen commented:

“The level of knowledge and skills, and the expectations of a Nurse have increased compared to Nursing in past years. Nurses are accountable for the care they deliver and must therefore be competent in their field of work. Nurses are now expected to think critically and to anticipate patient outcome, linking theory to practice.  All patient care must be evidence based with a holistic approach which means that Nurses are expected to keep up-to-date with the latest available evidence.  Nursing care has become more patient centred which is vital to ensure that high quality individualised care is delivered.”

Sue-Ellen feels the best thing about being a Nurse is being able to meet and work with different people, both patients and a multidisciplinary team.  She explained that every day is faced with new challenges, and learning opportunities makes nursing a motivating and enjoyable job. The opportunity to progress to a specialist Nurse in an area of interest makes Nursing a great career.

Louisa Francis

Louisa Francis is currently a Student Nurse and has been studying in the UK since September 2015. Louisa hopes to become a qualified and registered Staff Nurse by April 2019.

Since having the opportunity to study abroad, Louisa has had the privilege of gaining knowledge and experience in various placements throughout the UK. She has worked with community district nurses and in acute hospital settings which included both surgical and medical settings. Louisa has also undertaken exams and theoretical coursework at Derby University, which has helped her to become more confident and competent as a Student Nurse.

Louisa feels the role of a Nurse hasn’t changed in the sense of looking after a patient holistically, however she feels that Nurses in today’s society must have the knowledge and skills as well as a caring and compassionate approach that are in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct. Louisa also feels there is a lot more evidence based practice, so that patients are being looked after appropriately and accordingly.

Louisa commented:

“Being a Nurse is a rewarding job, because at the end of a shift you feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you did your best in helping those patients that you are responsible for in aiding their recovery. However, it is most definitely a tough job as well, because it can be quite overwhelming at times in certain circumstances.

“I am looking forward to returning to St Helena as I am excited to see the changes that have been made at the Hospital as well as working with the team who I have enjoyed working with in the past.”

If you are interested in a career in Nursing and would like to learn more about the opportunities/ways to become a Nurse, please contact the Hospital Nursing Officer, Lisa Niemand, by tel: 22500 or via email: lisa.niemand@sainthelena.gov.sh


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15 May 2018

The Health Directorate will officially launch a community campaign called ‘Saints Together’ on Monday, 21 May 2018 (St Helena’s Day).

This campaign was designed locally by the residents of St Helena, and is based on what they want for the health of all the people who live on St Helena Island.

The campaign will support the work under the Health Promotion Strategic Framework that will engage and bring together the efforts of different parts of the community to make healthy choices easier for people to do and fit into daily life. The campaign will be seen across different initiatives.

Therefore, where you see this heart symbol and ‘Saints Together’, means this will be an opportunity for you, your family, and all of us to make a small change and together achieve big things for our health.

‘Saints Together’ was the name that community members themselves suggested for the campaign as they felt that this was something that we need to do together and achieve together. The great sense of identity as Saints and our sense of community were big advantages that they felt would help us all in making the changes needed.

Another important thing that community members felt was that our life here on St Helena offers a lot of freedom, in our landscape, and in our community life. Yet because of ill health and because some issues like being overweight or smoking limit what we can do or how we feel, community members thought we need to take the right kind of steps so that Saints can be fully ‘free’ and make the most of the life we have on the Island.

People who took part in the community workshops to design the campaign suggested the Heart symbol because they love being Saints, and love our community, and want the ‘Saints Together’ campaign to help local people feel better and be well.

The campaign is just the most visual part of the work being done in the community to make healthy choices easier. The other work will make the easy healthy choices a reality and the campaign will help signpost people to what these healthy options are.

For example in July you will see it in shops to highlight drink choices and swaps that can make a big difference to your sugar intake and your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In June and July also you will see it to encourage smokers to think about ways to quit smoking and to show what some support options to do this are.

You will see the ‘Saints Together’ logo as part of initiatives to strengthen opportunities for people to fit some activity into daily life.

Everyone in our community is urged to engage with the campaign and to be part of making a positive change so that our community members can live their lives to the full.

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15 May 2018

Deputy Governor, Louise MacMorran, hosted a reception to celebrate International Nurses Day 2018, at Plantation House, on Saturday, 12 May.

Invited guests included Elected Members and various employees of the Health Directorate.

During the reception, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to ten of the 30 long serving employees for their continuous service within the Health Directorate.

Awardees present on the day were, Wendy Gough, Toni Joshua, Olivia Timm, Carolyn Greentree and Janis Yon for 10 years of continuous service, Samantha Thomas for 20 years of continuous service, Georgina Young and Jackie Henry for 30 years of continuous service and Wendy Herne and Helena Stevens for 40 years of continuous service.

Director of Health, Dr Akeem Ali, commented:

“While we celebrate International Nurses Day to acknowledge the good work being done by our nurses who are better trained, more confident and better equipped than at any time in the history of the Island, last Saturday was also a very good opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to many of our staff who have shown commitment and dedication to providing healthcare on the Island.

“We celebrated staff who have worked with us continuously for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years, and we had several staff members in each of these categories. We are grateful for all their hard work and long service. I also take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to everyone in the directorate who has been part of the improvement journey over the past year. Thank you.”

Hospital Nursing Officer, Lisa Niemand and Chairman of the Public Health Committee, Councillor Derek Thomas, gave the closing remarks.

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15 May 2018

Executive Council met today with two items on the Open Agenda, both relating to the Welfare of Children Regulations 2018.

For the first item, Members were asked to consider and recommend for enactment an amendment to the Regulations which provides a statutory basis for the appointment of a Children’s Champion, a role which is currently carried out on an informal basis. Members were happy to approve the amendment to the Regulations and to recommend enactment. At the same time, Members also approved the Terms of Reference for the Children’s Champion. It was noted that the current Children’s Champion will continue to operate in an informal capacity until the Social and Community Development Committee confirms the statutory role at their next meeting.

Council then considered the second item, where Members were asked to consider and recommend for enactment the Welfare of Children, Children’s Residential Home Regulations 2018. Members noted that currently there are no provisions in the Ordinance which regulates a Children’s Home under the control of the Directorate and that the amended Regulations now provide procedures and standards to address this omission. Council was happy to approve the Regulations for enactment.

Under Any Other Business, Members were given an update regarding the ongoing work to find a service provider for airmail coming to and from St Helena through South Africa. Progress has been difficult although a possible solution has now been found with a vendor willing to assist with providing the service. It is hoped this option can be finalised soon.

Members also raised concerns under the Closed Agenda regarding the issues experienced with transhipment of containers from the UK and were informed that options to address these issues were being pursued with the Service Provider.

The meeting closed at 11.50am.

15 May 2018

The St Helena Sea Rescue Service carried out a Search & Rescue night exercise on Wednesday, 9 May 2018, approximately three nautical miles north of Rupert’s Bay (see photos attached).

Crews were split into two teams – one team played the role of a vessel in distress with a simulated casualty on-board while the other team responded to the call after receiving minimal information from the distressed vessel.

Navigation equipment such as RADAR and RDF (Radio Direction Finder) were used to locate the vessel. Once the vessel was found, the responding team did the necessary risk assessments and carried out casualty care and procedures to bring the vessel and crew back to safety. Other simulated emergencies were also added to the exercise for the teams to execute.

Deputy Sea Rescue Manager, Craig Scipio, said:

“This exercise was beneficial to all who took part. It continues to highlight the challenges and risks that rescue personnel would have to endure when dealing with incidents at sea in various conditions.” 

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15 May 2018

Arrangements to establish an airmail service via Airlink’s weekly flight between St Helena and Johannesburg continues.

The South African Post Office in Johannesburg has confirmed that mail received from the St Helena Post Office can be delivered to the required destinations.

The St Helena Post Office is corresponding with Airlink in Johannesburg to agree the arrangements for transferring mail to the Mail Centre at OR Tambo International Airport.

Until this work is concluded, the carriage of mail to and from St Helena will continue via the MV Helena and flights between St Helena and Ascension Island.

The public will be kept updated.

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15 May 2018

St Helena Airport and Airlink are pleased to announce that passengers travelling to and from St Helena will now be able to check-in online via a simple check-in form.

The new online flight check-in will allow passengers to check-in up to 24 hours before their flight departure time. This can be done by completing an online form via the Airlink website: https://www.flyairlink.com/ or the South African Airways website: https://www.flysaa.com/manage-fly/manage/check-in/on-line-check-in.

Passengers departing St Helena who have taken advantage of the new online check-in will need to do the following once they arrive at the Airport:

  1. Proceed to the bag drop desk and queue
  2. Present your travel documents and printed boarding pass to check-in staff
  3. Your bags will then be weighed and once verified, taken through for screening
  4. You will then be free to go through central search to departures

Accountable Manager & Head of Operations at St Helena Airport, Gwyneth Howell, said:

“St Helena is embracing travel technology. The main benefits of online check-in for travellers are choosing seat assignment ahead of time, bypassing lines to drop off your luggage or, if you have no luggage, you can proceed directly to the security checkpoint. Be wise, travel smart.”

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15 May 2018


Waste Management Services (WMS), working with the SHG Press Office, have created a new section on the SHG Website dedicated to providing information and schedules for services provided by the Waste Management team.

Customers can now view the domestic/commercial waste collection schedule, find out about the services provided by WMS, read about some of their latest community initiatives and keep up-to-date with all WMS news, all via the SHG Website.

The main page, which has links to other information pages, can be found under the ‘About Us’ menu, under the sub-menu ‘Environment & Natural Resources’ or via the following link: http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/waste-management-services-wms/.

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“Waste Management Services recognise that effective engagement with the Island community and all users of waste management services is crucial in delivering improved services and environmental sustainability in future years. The new WMS information webpage is designed to keep our customers informed about waste management on St Helena.

“The development of this webpage would not have been possible without input from all WMS staff, especially Waste Management Services’ Supervisor, Anthony Henry, and Landfill Manager, Patrick Crowie. I would also like to recognise the contribution of Senior Press Officer, Liam Yon, for the design of the page and constructive feedback.”

WMS are committed to ‘working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena’.

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15 May 2018