Includes the following areas:

 Corporate Finance

Provides financial advice and guidance to internal and external customers.

As part of this service we are:

  • Continuously improving the MTEF process
  • Supporting Directorates to drive down costs and realise efficiencies
  • Identifying and implementing efficiencies and improving services provided by Finance
  • Providing balanced and professional technical advice to all that require it within SHG
  • Maximising revenues collected from customs and taxation

Social Welfare

Changes in Circumstances

UA Leaflet

Over Payment of Benefits

Basic Island Pension

Income Related Benefits

Review & Appeals Procedures

Corporate Support

  • Provides advice and support to Executive and Legislative Councils as well as a number of other support functions, including:
  • Responsibility for internal and external communications and for providing associated advice across all areas
  • Promotion of SHG interests abroad through the Office of the UK Representative
  • Conducting General and By Elections and associated functions
  • Managing, developing and maintaining the SHG website
  • Responsible for records archive and management
  • Provision of Corporate IT Services:
    • Providing a consistent, cost effective and practical solution for SHG through the development and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure
    • Providing an effective helpdesk support service
    • Implementing and maintaining an effective data protection strategy
    • Implementation of hardware and software updates and replacements, so maintaining SHG local and wide area networks as well as the server infrastructure.

Corporate Planning and Policy

Provides overarching coordination of the business of Government enabling SHG to work in a more cohesive, efficient manner

This is broken down into 5 main areas:

  • Corporate Direction and Strategy: Management of the government’s annual policy review and strategic planning process, including conducting annual reviews, providing support during the strategic planning process, ensuring there is a link between the planning process and the budget process
  • Policy: Coordination, advice and guidance, good practice; including support during the various stages of policy development.
  • Performance Management: including the development, implementation and management of a corporate performance system which monitors performance across government as well as analysing performance report information and providing regular summarised information and reporting
  • Risk Management : including developing, implementing and regularly monitoring the corporate risk management strategy, holding an up-to-date risk register and producing an annual Risk Report
  • Statistics: including the implementation of the National Statistics Development Strategy, through developing statistical systems and processes, providing coherent and integrated social, demographic, economic, and environmental statistics and increasing statistical capacity 

Internal Audit

Provides independent and objective assurance to St Helena Government that its governance, risk management and internal control frameworks are operating effectively. This includes:

  • Unlike external audit, looking beyond financial risks and considering wider risk implications such as St Helena Government’s reputation, employment relationships, continuity and quality of services and legislative compliance.

Human Resources

The main functions of the Human Resources team are as follows

  • Ensuring the modernisation programme is adequately resourced using the best practice in the management of human resources to ensure the efficient and effective sourcing, management and support of the people required to undertake the core functions
  • Sharing responsibilities with directorates by having a partially de-centralised HR system through HR Focal Points being set up in the larger directorates
  • Focus on headcount reduction, workforce planning and talent management
  • Moving to a system of performance related pay for high productivity and for a committed workforce that is willing to maximise its potential and strive towards achieving organisational excellence
  • Managing the needs of SHG by maintaining a stable workforce and managing the needs of staff within a fair and legal framework