Following the allocation of space outside of the Malabar building for a bus stop, there has been an increase in the number of people waiting for transport in front of SURE South Atlantic Ltd’s Customer Services Centre at Bishops Rooms.

Whilst it is understood people must wait on their buses, SURE is concerned about the safety of their customers and personnel. When people crowd the office steps, especially with shopping, it can become difficult to manoeuvre up and down safely.

The Highways Authority would like to remind the public that there are benches in front of the Canister for people to use when waiting on transport or to take a break. The steps in front of Bishops Rooms should not be used as a waiting area.

8 March 2017

Benches at The Canister


  1. I almost knocked an old lady down on Monday, not speeding, she was on a simmer frame getting from the canister over to the bus stop, but I didnt see her, would’nt you think it was easier for them to just get up of the stool in front of the Canister and get on the bus, now they have to cross the road in the middle of a roundabout, honestly, is there actually a person who is getting paid to make these stupid decisions, embarrassing themselves, any fool can see this was a crazy idea. Did Solomons actually gave permission for this, because its in front of one of their most busiest departments, shipping and insurance.

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