The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) will be restructured from 1 April 2019. This will see the directorate split into two separate directorates – Environment, Natural Resources & Planning and Infrastructure & Transport.

Derek Henry will take on the substantive role of Director of Environment, Natural Resources & Planning responsible for all services covered by the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division and Planning section. The new Infrastructure & Transport Directorate will include all areas covered by the Property & Housing Division and Transport section together with elements of the Airport Directorate.

Until the new Infrastructure & Transport Director post is filled, Derek Henry will be the Acting Director with Darren Duncan acting as Director of Environment, Natural Resources & Planning.

Chief Secretary Susan O’Bey explains the reason for the split:

“ENRD currently covers a wide range of areas, some of which are largely regulatory or policing functions and others which focus on delivery, this has resulted in perceived built-in conflicts of interest within the Directorate.

“ENRD comprises sections that are responsible for implementing capital and recurrent infrastructure works, as well as sections responsible for ensuring that such works comply with St Helena laws and regulations (including environmental standards, building standards and health & safety). The conflict of interest will be removed if these functions are appropriately separated.”

Day-to-day operations of services will remain the same.

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25 March 2019

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