The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service is part of the overall Police Directorate and we are proud of the level of service we deliver, however we continue to seek new ways of improving.

Led by a Brigade Manager, the team consists of a Watch Manager, Crew Manager and eight full-time Fire Fighters, who, together manage and respond to all fire and land based incidents, rescues and road crash emergencies across the Island. Our team is also supported by a small complement of Auxiliary Fire Fighters.

The responsibilities of the service are much broader than just emergency response and our service works closely with other agencies and organisations to collectively deliver local initiatives and policies. A number of proactive public safety awareness campaigns are delivered to help the community stay safe while trying to reduce the need for a response in the first instance.

The demands on the St Helena Fire & Rescue Service are ever increasing with one of our main focuses being on air access. Our objectives are designed to support these activities and our strategies and resources will have the capability to assist the Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service. Ongoing training continues, to ensure that we can work effectively together in the future. On flight days we will be available to respond to Airport related emergencies.

Contact Numbers:

In an Emergency                                    999

Office                                                      23344/23322

Fire service Channel 1 – Call sign          FOXTROT

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