Immigration Team
Immigration Team

St Helena is a remote Island in the South Atlantic Ocean which welcomes both long and short term visitors. The Immigration Section manages all applications to enter St Helena as well as applications for permission to work people who do not hold St Helenian status. Please contact us for further information and for relevant forms at:

Important note: Visitors are advised that they must have the necessary visa or permits to cover all destinations they intend to travel to, including return trips through the UK, Ascension Island and/or South Africa. St Helena has no foreign embassy representation on Island so adequate visas must be obtained in advance.

Travelling with Children to South Africa? 

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Coming to St Helena

For people who want to visit, work, invest or live in St Helena

Employing Migrants

For employers who want to employ people to work in St Helena

Living in St Helena

For people who want to apply for St Helenian status, british overseas territory citizenship or passports

Applying for permits, permissions and status with links to relevant forms

For people who know which application forms (s) they need and are ready to submit application

About the St Helena Immigration Service

For people who want to know more about the Immigration Service on St Helena

Related Documents and Forms
Notice of Appeal
Immigrant Employment Certificate
Application for Work Permit
Landholding Licence
Immigration Ordinance
Policy Directions for Immigration Control Board & Immigration Officers
Fees for Short Term entry permit, St Helena Passports and handling changes
Passport Fees
Declaration of St Helena Status
Grant of St Helena Status
Shortage Occupation List as at August 2016
Short Term Entry Permit
Long Term Entry Permit
Exemption and Permission to Work
Exemption from Entry Permit Requirements as Dependant Relative of Person with St. Helenian Status
Landing Permission
Working Migrant Employed 
Self Employed
Entrepreneur Investor

27 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Hi there,
    My grandfather was born in Jamestown and has now sadly passed on. Our family still live on the island. How do I go about getting an ancestoral visa. I would really love to visit and possibly live in time to come.

    I would be greateful if you could let me know how to go about the application.

    Best regards,

  2. Possibly looking to reside in St. Helena. I am a Dual Citizen of the UK(born) and Australia(residing), how do I apply for residency and work in St. Helena? Also is there any other way than just email? There must be a phone number I can contact you off?

    • Dear James – if you wished to contact the Police Service by telephone on 00290 22626 in which they will direct your query to immigration. If you wished to use the email address:, they can also help with your query.

  3. Hi i wondered is there any durect links to information on retiring to St Helena i am due to retire next year early and would be intersted in possibly retiring with my family We will be financially independent so no burden to the island and we will more than likely sell our home in Wales to look at financing a new one on the Island We may also be interested in investing in a buisness in the future on St Helena

    Kind regards Dave Smith
    from a very wet Wales uk

  4. Dear Sir,
    I hope you can help me. I am researching my wife’s family tree and she has a great grandmother who, while I initially thought was born in Ireland in 1858, according to the UK 1881 census was born about 1860 in St Helena (cape). Her name was Catherine Finucane,and her mother was Margaret Finucane, who in 1860 would have been about 26, Her father was Micheal Finucane who would have been about 35 at that time.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks
    Julian Thornington
    London UK

  5. Hi. My fiance is of chilean nationality and we are due to marry soon. And possibly return to st helena to live. I am from st helena. What requirements would he need to get e.g. visa etc. As being my spouse?

  6. Good day
    I am a South African from Belgium descent and born in which was then Northern Rhodesia(now Zambia).I would really appreciate information on my legitimacy to work and immigrate to St. Helena Island.
    Ironically,I have a stand in St Helena Bay South Africa.I am a Hospitality specialist and have been to 40 countries in my life.
    To whom may I send my CV to?
    Kind regards
    Gustaaf van Rooy.

  7. Hi, I am a British citizen and wish to move and to work in St. Helena. What would I need to do to make this possible? Many thanks in advance.

  8. Hello, I am from Nigeria and i’d like to visit St. Helena during the holiday, a friend told me its a very nice country to see. What do i need to do and what are the requirements from here. Thank you

    • Hello, my name is Comfort Damisa, am a Nigerian aspiring to visit St. Helena to view its naturally endowed beauty. please how much will it cost to visit and stay for three months. Thanks

  9. Hi,
    In researching my family histoty I have learned my great,great,grandfather was born 1864 in Saint Helena Island.He later moved to Philadelphia,Pa. He died there inJuly 1927.There is very little information here.Is there an office on Saint Helena that would possibly have information

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  11. Hello, I am from algeria and i’d like to visit St. Helena during the holiday, What do i need to do and what are the requirements from visa and where can i aply

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