The Investigations and public protection team are part of the Police Directorate; the key roles involve serious crime investigations both current and historic and what is widely known as the Public Protection agenda. Public Protection includes safeguarding, child protection investigations, vulnerable adult investigations, domestic abuse and management of offenders in the community.

A large proportion of the work of the investigations and safeguarding team is carried out jointly with other Directorates.

The team consists of a Detective Chief Inspector, Detective Sergeant, Detective Constables, a trainee Detective and two Police offender managers.  The Investigations and public protection team is based at the Police Station in Jamestown.

The Probation Service also sits within this are of the Police Directorate; they are responsible for managing offenders both in prison and in the community, one of their key roles is the rehabilitation of offenders to divert them from offending. They are also responsible for working to the Courts for pre-sentence reports on convicted persons. The team consists of 2 qualified Probation Officers and a trainee Offender Manager. The Probation Service is currently based in the prison.

Both teams can be contacted via the police switchboard on 00 290 22626 or by visiting the Police Station. Alternatively the investigations and public protection team can be emailed direct on

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