Public Consultations

As part of St Helena Government’s (SHG) strategy to encourage islanders to become more involved in the decision making process, all Bills are placed in the public domain for consultation. This allows for questions to be asked and views to be expressed before the Bills are considered by Council. You may view the Bill/s on this page and, should you wish to pass comment on their content, you may do so in writing to the Secretary to the Elected Members on email:

Documents for public consultation and public information sessions can be viewed here:

Information Paper – ENRD Rabbit Control Trial – 13 February 2018

First Supplementary Appropriation (2017-18) Bill 2018

Port and Aerodrome (Health) Bill 2018

Sustainable Economic Development Plan draft for Consultation 2018

Reports and Reviews

St Helena Airport Project – Annual Environmental Report for Phase 1

Geodetic Datum Modernisation for St Helena

Joint Ministerial Council 2017 – Communique

Social & Community Development Committee – Public Consultation Report on the Marriage Bill, Welfare of Children’s (Amendment) Bill and Domestic Abuse Bill

10 Yr Plan – Six Month Review 2017

Initial Environmental Assessment Report for the Proposed Prison Site Options at Bottom Woods

Attorney General’s Report to Police

St Helena Utilities Regulatory Authority Report on Tariff Rates 1 Oct 2017

Public Guardian Annual Report September 2017

4th Annual Report on Quality of Services Provided by Connect St Helena Ltd – 2016/17

Utilities Regulatory Authority Report on Tariff Rates 2016-17

170718 – Results from the Public Consultation held on the Proposed Amendment to the STHL ASC TDC Constitution

End Of Year Report 2016-17

Annual Report Summary

Better Life Allowance Policy review – 2017

Home Care Policy – January 2017


Strategic and Operational Plans

10 Year Plan – 20 January 2017

Corporate Services Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Safeguarding Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Police Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Health Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Environment & Natural Resources Department Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Education & Employment Strategic Plan 2018-2021


Police Directorate Operational Plan 2015 – 2018

Operational Plan Corporate Services 2015-16 to 2017-18

Operational Plan for Health 2015-16 to 2017-18

Police Directorate Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 v1.4 (April 2015)

St Helena Human Rights Action Plan

Social Policy Plan

Sustainable Economic Development Plan 2012/13 – 2021/22

A Housing Strategy for St Helena 2012-2022

Land Development Control Plan 2012-2022

Land Development Control Plan 2012-2022 Accompanying Map

Land Development Control Plan 2012-2022 Appendices


St Helena Air Service

Tickets for St Helena Air Service – Updated 19 February 2018

Air Services to St Helena – QandAs – updated February 2018

Have you checked your bag

Check your hand baggage now

Security Screening

ASI – HLE Air Service Announcement – Ticket Sales

ASI – HLE Air Service FAQs

Air Link ticket and Schedule HLE – ASC FAQ Final



Contract Register (Pub 31 10 2017)

Rolling Procurement Plan – 31 October 2017

Procurement Regulations (Version 1 3 November 2015)

St Helena Government e-Procurement System –


ASYCUDA Documents


St Helena Accounting Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

St Helena Commercial Declaration Operation Procedure 

St Helena Goods Examination Standard Operating Procedure 

St Helena Cargo Manifest Standard Operating Procedure 

St Helena Non – Commercial Items Standard Operating Procedure 

Supreme Court Judgements

From April 2015 and where appropriate, Supreme Court Judgments will be published at this location on the SHG website:

Judgement in the case of R v AG

Judgment in the case of Re R.

Judgment in the case of K

Employee Opinion Survey 2015

Employee Opinion Survey 2015 – Initial Results

Employee Opinion Survey 2015



Other Key Documents

Prospectus for Change

St Helena Digital Strategy

Layout of Proposed Prison Sites

SHG Consultation Policy – Sept 2017

Revised ESH Framework agreement – April 2017

Guidance Notes -Application for Development Permission