The Sea Rescue Service is part of the Police Directorate and consists of the Sea Rescue Manager, Sea Rescue Deputy Manager, 4 fulltime Rescue Crew Members and 6 Auxiliary Rescue Crew Members.

The New Sea Rescue Facility is presently under construction in Ruperts Bay, the facility will house the 3 Rescue Boats and launching tractor, the facility is expected to be fully operational in 2017.

There are 2 Inshore Lifeboats;

Sea Rescue 1 (Ocean Rider)

Sea Rescue 2 (Sea Lion)

And 1 Offshore Life boat;

Sea Rescue 3 (Lima)

The Sea Rescue Service will be responsible for:


  • The provision of a Sea Rescue capability 24/7 365
  • Life-saving at sea through search and rescue
  • Providing fully trained personnel to assist in other Emergencies on land

Contact numbers:

In an Emergency                        999

Office                                            25052

Radio-Channel 16- call sign     SIERRA 1

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