The following is a public announcement from the Police Directorate:

All trained and accredited St Helena Police Officers are now carrying a Conducted Energy Device (CED) commonly known as a Taser.

 To raise awareness and educate the public on the carrying and use of CEDs by St Helena Police, Officers are carrying out a Roadshow in May and June to provide further information. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the presentation in their district. The remaining dates are as follows and all presentations will now start at 7pm:




Sandy Bay Community Centre  Weds, 15 May
Blue Hill Community Centre Mon, 27 May
Kingshurst Community Centre Tues, 28 May
Harford Community Centre Weds, 29 May
Levelwood Community Centre Thurs, 30 May
Jamestown Community Centre Fri, 7 June

14 May 2019

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