The St Helena Safeguarding Children’s and Young People’s Board is regulated by the Welfare of Children Regulations, 2010 and the Welfare of Children Ordinance .

The purpose of the St Helena Safeguarding Children’s and Young People’s Board is to provide direction and leadership across St Helena Government to ensure that that SHG agencies are working together to safeguard children and young people on the Island.

The Board is chaired independently and reports directly to the Governor. Membership includes the Children’s Champion, representatives from Health, Social services, Education, the police and non-governmental organisations.

The Board meets every six weeks and when urgently needed.


  • To ensure agencies are working together.
  • To facilitate training for all who work with children and young people.
  • To facilitate more in depth and targeted training for front line services.
  • To ensure that historic cases are reviewed, action taken when needed and lessons learned.
  • To ensure that the agencies involved in safeguarding our community are adequately resourced and supported so they can do their jobs effectively.


WASS Recommendations Update – April 2017

WASS Recommendations Update 7 November 2016

WASS Recommendations Update October 2016

Wass Inquiry Report

Safeguarding Board Annual Report 2015

Wass Recommendations Update 12 May 2016

WASS REPORT – Recommendations and Action Plan, 22 January 2016

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Safeguarding adults procedure 2016

St Helena SCB Practice Guidance child protection 18 09 14 ab 09 03 2016

Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness Raising handbook




Confirmed Minutes 23 February 2017

Confirmed Minutes 12 January 17


Confirmed Minutes 1 December 2016

Confirmed minutes 20 October 2016

Confirmed minutes 8 September 2016

Confirmed Minutes 28 July 2016

Confirmed minutes 16 June 16

Confirmed minutes 5 May 2016

Confirmed minutes 17 March 2016





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