St. Helenian status can either be acquired by right or by application.

Generally speaking, to hold St. Helenian status by right you must have as a minimum a parent or grandparent who holds St. Helenian Status. However, status requirements by right are complex and so it is recommended that professional legal assistance is sought. You may submit a query to the immigration office at or, please note the Immigration Service is not able to offer legal advice.

To acquire St. Helenian status by application you must fulfill the requirements in Schedule II of the
2011 Ordinance

How to apply

For a certificate of St. Helenian status (St. Helenian status by right):

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Provide relevant supporting information including birth and marriage certificates for each relevant family member
  3. Pay the fee on lodging the application  (please note that there is a fee for lodging and a fee for granting the certificate)

Application for St. Helenian status:

  1. Complete the application form 
  2. Provide relevant supporting documentation. This is likely to include a passport or copy of a passport showing dates of arrival and departure to and from St. Helena
  3. Pay the fee on lodging the application (please note that there is a fee for lodging the application and a fee for granting of status)


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