Statistics are the mechanism by which we turn numbers into information to help us answer the question(s) at hand. Statistics are used in just about all areas of our professional and personal lives. If you are interested in finding out more, maybe even exploring where a career in statistics could take you, we provide some starting information and links to sites which will tell you more about careers and further information on statistics.

The Statistics Office compile data and publish much of the information used to monitor the social and economic welfare of the island, to inform decisions and to shape policy on St Helena. The information we collate regularly is published on an annual basis in the Statistics Yearbook.

What can you expect from the outputs of the Statistics Office? The fundamental principles of official statistics. 

Some of the key outputs that we publish on a quarterly basis include:   WOSlogo_s

  • Retail Price Index (RPI) and annual inflation of the RPI
  • Estimated population
  • Analysis of visitors arrivals and departures
  • Import and exports of trade goods

We also conduct larger surveys on a less frequent basis such as:

  • Household expenditure and living standards survey
  • Population Census
  • Income Tax Survey
  • Private Sector Employment Survey

The latest updates can be found in the Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin. All reports for our latest surveys can be found on our publication page. Where possible we will be making data available in excel format.

If you have specific requests for information or data please contact the Statistics Office. We provide support to many Directorates in providing access to the information they hold.

St Helena Island Census 2016 

Census 2016 – Pilot Questionnaire

Latest Updates

Statistical Bulletin No. 3 2017

St Helena Annual Price Inflation Rates by Category – 17 October 2017


Estimated Population 24.7.17




Analysis of Income from Employment – 2011 -2015

Statistics_News_Quarter 2_2016

Stat News Bulletin Q1 2016

State of the Island 2015

2013/14 Statistical Yearbook


Analysis of Income from Employment 2011 to 2014

Income from Employment 2011-13

Data Updates  


Key Documents    

National Strategy for the development of statistics

Statistics Ordinance  



Here you will find all publications for which the Statistics Office are responsible. Includes statistical publication such as ‘Statistical News Bulletins’, ‘The 2008 population Census of St Helena’ and Income Tax reports, and other related documents.


Where the Statistics Office hold data which is suitable for public circulation it will be made available on this page. This includes all data published in the 2012/13 Statistical Yearbook and other additional statistical information.

Note Regarding Updates to the St Helena Statistics Yearbook: Updates to the data in the Statistics Yearbook are available and collated up to the end of financial year 2014/15. However, due to current pressures on the Statistics Team, it has not yet been possible to perform all of the final checks and preparations which are necessary prior to publication.  If you are looking for updates to any of the data tables in the Yearbook please contact any member of the Statistics team.

Contact Us

If you require any additional information or have questions relating to any of our statistical publication or data, please feel free to contact us on :


Telephone: + (290) 22138 or + (290) 22470 extension 212

 We will be happy to help.

We may not have the answers but we will do our best!